Our Vision for the Democratic Party

It is an anomaly that our life-affirming Democratic Party has in some quarters recently become identified with death, euthanasia, capital punishment, and abortion in contradictions to standards that apply to other actions in the American criminal justice system about the willful taking of helpless life. Killing other human beings, and rationalizing it, is not our visionfor our Democratic Party.

Democrats for Life is made up of persons who value the life of the unborn child, the at-risk aging or ill person, and humanness in the treasure of exquisitely and wonderfully made DNA, genes,and chromosomes. We respect life in all these forms, no matter how delicate, weak, or mysterious. And yes, we respect the life of the convicted heinous criminal, a life seemingly overtaken by evil.

We support life in prison with no possibility of parole for the most serious crimes but oppose our society imposing state-sanctioned murder on these persons. Killing people who kill people fails to teach effectively that killing people is wrong. Our goals are to encourage political participation by pro-life Democrats and to provide a voice for pro-life Democrats. Membership is open to all pro-life Democrats. We refuse to abandon our party to those who favor death by abortion, euthanasia, genetic manipulation, and capital punishment.