Democrats: Change the Abortion Conversation

 Wednesday, November 9, 2022 - Fairfax, VA  — Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) warns Democratic leaders that the election results are not a mandate to advance an extreme abortion agenda nationwide. Instead it is an opportunity for Democrats to take the lead on supporting women, children and families. 
“In the aftermath of Dobbs, Democrats spent one-third of their advertising budget advancing an extreme agenda successfully packaged as protecting women’s rights,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of DFLA. “It was in fact a very expensive cheap shot that temporarily may have limited Democratic losses in the near aftermath of Dobbs, but endangers our Party in the long term.”
Rather than pushing for unregulated abortion at any stage of pregnancy, DFLA calls on every Democrat in both Congress and state legislatures to propose and enact laws that make pregnancy support and resources more affordable, available, and accessible in every community, particularly in those which are underserved and over-represented in abortion data and statistics. We urge every Democrat to protect human life from the womb to the tomb. And we urge every Democrat to make the Big Tent bigger, more inclusive and diverse and welcoming for all Democrats.
“Voters were duped into believing that ballot initiatives would simply ensure access to abortion. However, the California, Michigan, and Vermont proposals will actually enshrine unlimited and unregulated abortion as a Constitutional right,” Day added. “While the proposals provide some short-term victory for abortion advocates, the long-term consequences will be detrimental to women and our future electoral success.”  
Imagine if the millions of Democrats who identify as pro-life had candidates who heard their concerns. Picture what today would look like if the key races in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Ohio had thousands of more Democratic voters coming to the polls.   
“Most American voters want prenatal and postnatal care, not unregulated abortion. We need more conversations around resources for pregnancy and parenting, not abortion until birth. Many women and mothers feel like abortion is their best and only option because of economic hardship. Poverty should never be a barrier to pregnancy and parenting,” explained Jess Meth, National Communications Director of DFLA. “Especially in a post-Roe America, we need to be working relentlessly to improve healthcare, housing, daycare, palliative care, foster care, and adoption. Democrats must take the lead in making this happen.” housing, daycare, palliative care, foster care, and adoption. Democrats must take the lead in making this happen.”

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